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The Mighty Howlers have a hard-hitting, no-nonsense approach to Chicago Blues which you will not be able to resist! Catch them at a venue near you and be challenged to stay still as the music flows through your body.

The Mighty Howlers - Roarin'

The Mighty Howlers

With over 150 combined years of gigging experience behind them, Morgen (Mo' Slim), Colin, Terry and Justin have played with many bands over the years, spanning a wide variety of music genres from Rockabilly, Rock Classic and Rock Blues. They have a history of playing together from way back in the 1990's with many influences on their music. The majority of The Mighty Howlers songs have been written by Morgen over a period of many years. The experience of the other musicians has allowed a rich and punchy sound to be developed, resulting in the music heard by their large audiences today.

Previous hook-ups include Morgen and Justin in Me and The Devil as well as The Mo' Slim Stompers. Colin and Morgen in Black Cat Bone. Terry and Colin in Overdrawn, plus many more. Other bands they have been a part of include.... Transam, The Flat Caps

Their main influences today are Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, 50's Rhythm & Blues, Dr Feelgood, to name but a few.

Their tough, high energy, performances have proved to be very popular with both the dance crowd and the blues purists. Those members of the audience who would not have considered themselves devotees of Blues Music at the start of the evening, tend to be wholly converted by the time The Mighty Howlers have completed their roaring sets!

"Be My Baby, Be Mine" filmed near St Agnes, Cornwall

Don't take our word for it, check them out for yourself at a gig near you...   you won't regret it!

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